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Is Ortho-K Right for You? A Comprehensive Guide for Potential Candidates

As myopia continues to reach alarming numbers, eye specialists are creating new management approaches. Orthokeratology is a myopia control treatment that involves overnight-wear contact lenses. 

The Benefits of Blue Blocking Contacts

We're living in a digital age, where computers and smartphones are our constant companions. With these devices comes exposure to blue light, a high-energy visible light that is emitted from digital screens as well as the sun.

The Benefits of Early Myopia Control for Children

Of the three main refractive errors affecting human vision, myopia is the most common. The condition affects a significant number of people worldwide.

5 Ways to Take Care of Daily Disposable Contacts

Since the first contact lens for vision correction was invented in the late 1800s, much has changed. The first lenses were made of glass, were heavy, and covered the whole eye surface. Later, they became smaller, lighter, and only covered the front of the eye. After that came the new softer materials that gave rise to soft contact lenses. 

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